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Director & CEO

Joining Date: 01 June 2009

Education: MBA, Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad, Class of 2009

Experience in Sport Sector: 23 Years. Also served as Captain of Indian Hockey Team

Role in OGQ: Viren looking after the training requirements of the top 6-8 athletes and para-athletes, sustained fundraising for OGQ, managing relationships with all key stakeholders including donors, building the OGQ brand.

Favourite Athlete: Rahael Nadal


Head - Athlete Management

Joining Date: 01 July 2011

Education: Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management

Experience in Sport Sector: 10 Years.

Role in OGQ: Yatin's primary role is to look after meeting the training requirements of all the athletes supported by OGQ. This is done by regularly visiting their training base and by being in constant touch with the athletes, coaches, and sports science team over the phone.

Favourite Athlete: Sachin Tendulkar


Head - Para Athlete Management

Joining Date: 01 October 2013

Education: M.Sc. (Sports Engineering)

Experience in Sport Sector: 9 Years.

Role in OGQ: To plan, strategize and oversee the support to the entire Para program. Includes identifying para-athletes and sports for OGQ to support and monitoring the training and performances of the athletes.

Anukool was the Head of the Research & Analysis Team at OGQ for 8-years until October 2021.

Before OGQ, he worked with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) as a Performance Analyst.

Favourite Athlete: Rahul Dravid


Head - Coaches Excellence Program

Joining Date: 01 January 2016

Education: B. Tech & M. Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering, IIT Roorkee)

Experience in Sport Sector: 12 Years.

Role in OGQ: The main role is to ensure efficient and quality execution of the OGQ Coaches Excellence Program. This includes long-term planning, overseeing the content and operations team, and coordinating with the partners and experts. He also co-leads the program to support the training of para-athletes supported by OGQ.

Favourite Athlete: Lionel Messi


Head - IT & Website

Joining Date: 19 March 2008

Education: Graduation

Experience in Sport Sector: 21 years with an illustrative sporting career from being a player of Billiards and then in to promotion of Billiard Sports thru online portal Cue Sports India and also being on board of International and Asian Federations of Billiard Sports with his portfolio as Head of Media & Communications.

Role in OGQ: At OGQ, Vivek heads the IT & Website segment. His profile includes managing the server operations, IT securities, social media, website and online communication about the performances of athletes and other relevant information to OGQ supporters and the media houses.

Favourite Athlete: Geet Sethi


Head - Partnerships and Communication

Joining Date: 01 August 2017

Education: MS Sports Management, Columbia University, New York

Experience in Sport Sector: As an athlete, Neha represented India from 2001-2014 in Table Tennis. She is an Olympian & the only woman to represent India in TT at Beijing Olympics, 2008. Since retirement, she has five years of experience in sports management.

Role in OGQ: Neha looks after OGQ's entire fundraising efforts which include meeting the fundraising target each year, raising new funds, engagement with existing supporters, reaching out to potential supporters, and ensuring timely reporting to the CSR donors on funds & performance of athletes. Neha manages the entire communication with all OGQ supporters and OGQ's social media handles. Neha also manages table tennis and Para-Badminton players supported by OGQ.

Favourite Athlete: M.C. Marykom, A. Sharath Kamal


Head - Accounts

Joining Date: 01 January 2014

Education: Bachelor of Commerce

Role in OGQ: Siddique’s role is to ensure OGQ is compliant with all the Statutory obligations with, Income Tax, Statutory auditor, Banking partner, and applicable statutory laws. His role also includes the Donors' database and periodic reporting to the Management team for effective planning.

Favourite Athlete: M.S. Dhoni


Head - Admin and Compliance

Joining Date: 05 February 2018

Education: MBA (Finance)

Role in OGQ: Shweta’s role is to ensure OGQ is compliant with all the Statutory obligations with ROC, Income Tax, FCRA, and applicable Statutory Laws. Her role also includes Donor compliance and on-time periodic reporting to donors about the grant/ donor partnership agreement.

Favourite Athlete: Serena Williams


Senior Manager (Athlete Management) ​

Joining Date: 01 September 2017

Education: Graduate in Mass Media

Experience in Sport Sector: Ashish has an experience of 7 years in the sports sector. He is an avid footballer and a cricketer. Ashish heads a district-level football & hockey club in Mumbai. He has previously worked with Dream Sports Fields, Mumbai Heroes, Make Me Active and Dynamic Sports.

Role in OGQ: Ashish is working as Senior Manager (Athlete Management) and looking after the Junior Scholarship Program at OGQ. He has worked as the Athlete Manager and Strategic Initiatives Manager at OGQ in 2017-18. Previously he also did an internship in the OGQ research team in 2015-16.

Favourite Athlete: Zaheer Khan


Sr. Manager Admin & Operation

Joining Date: 16 October 2016

Education: Bachelor in Computer Application

Role in OGQ: Trisha majorly looks after logistics, travel & accommodations, events/workshops for the OGQ team and athletes. She is also involved in the execution of billings and accounts of the OGQ team members and athletes.

Favourite Athlete: Prakash Padukone


Manager - Accounts

Joining Date: 13 May 2019

Education: B.Com & CA-IPCC

Role in OGQ: Arbaaz’s role is to ensure OGQ is compliant to the Statutory obligations like Provident Fund, Professional Tax, and TDS along with maintaining Athlete's Expenses, Donation, and 80G Receipts. His role also includes Periodic reporting to the Management team for effective planning.

Favourite Athlete: Viswanathan Anand


Manager - Coaches Excellence Program

Joining Date: 01 August 2020

Education: Undergraduate- B.Tech

Experience in Sport Sector: 1 year.

Role in OGQ: Anand works with the OGQ team to implement the Coaches Excellence Program. He also designs the content for the program and supports the trainers to deliver effective sessions. Currently, he is working towards building a self-paced online program for coaches.

Favourite Athlete: Wayne Rooney


Manager - Para Athlete Management

Joining Date: 01 January 2021

Education: MSc Sport Business & Leadership, Loughborough University London

Experience in Sport Sector: Worked as an Athlete Manager for 2-years that involved managing the training, performance, and other associated needs of 20+ Indian able-bodied and para-athletes along with other key responsibilities such as Athlete Education, Female Athlete Health research, and also leading a fundraising initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Role in OGQ: Identifying para-athletes and sports for OGQ to support, monitoring the training and performances of the athletes supported by OGQ to identify areas of improvement, and planning suitable interventions. Also involved in planning and strategizing for the entire Paralympic program at OGQ. Arnav was earlier part of the Research & Analysis Team at OGQ.

Favourite Athlete: Kimi Raikkonen, Rafael Nadal


Manager - Admin and Compliance

Joining Date: 06 July 2020

Education: Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology

Role in OGQ: At OGQ, Priyanka supports the compliance and CSR Team in preparing, maintaining, and reporting to donors of OGQ, provides administrative support to ensure smooth functioning of day-to-day operations. She holds the key responsibilities of preparing fund utilization reports to CSR donors, due diligence documents for existing/prospective OGQ donors, maintaining documents related to CSR partnership between OGQ and donors for CSR and Reporting. For Admin and Compliance, she prepares the new contract and renewal of the contract for all the athletes, documents related to Board meetings, and updating records in the ERP software.

Favourite Athlete: Roger Federer


Manager - Partnerships

Joining Date: 20 January 2021

Education: Pursuing my MBA in Social Entrepreneurship

Role in OGQ: Kavita drafts the funding proposals, corporate applications, and reports, maintains a strong database of donors, meetings, events, and all communication to funders, strengthen the operational process of the fundraising team.


Deputy Manager - Accounts

Joining Date: 01 April 2021

Education: B.Com & CA IPCC

Role in OGQ: At OGQ, Wasim looks after the checking and processing of the bills and claims received from Athletes, Vendors, and Staff. He also updates data in ERP & Tally and maintains data in master sheets related to Athletes and Administration.

Favourite Athlete: Virat Kohli, Cristaino Ronaldo


Office Assistant

Joining Date: 01 November 2011

Role in OGQ: Vinod manages all office-related work for OGQ. He coordinates with multiple team members for day-to-day tasks and also ensures the smooth functioning of the office. He also manages the sports kit logistics for all athletes supported by OGQ.

Favourite Athlete: Viren Rasquinha, P.V.Sindhu