Areas of Support?

We, at Olympic Gold Quest, scout for athletes who have displayed in them the drive and the potential to represent India at an international level. The selection takes place through a well-laid down process that has been developed by the experts and has been chiseled with experience. Once the athletes are selected, OGQ assumes all responsibility for providing them with full-fledged support in their preparation towards winning at the Olympic Games. The support that we provide to our athletes falls into the following broad categories:

OGQ provides support to participate in International/ Domestic Tournaments that are not funded by the Sports Ministry or SAI or the concerned National Sports Federation. This includes travel, accommodation, food, travel insurance, visa fees and any other expenses that may occur. In some cases OGQ will also send their personal coach and/or physiotherapist and/or mental trainer along with them. Additionally, for our junior sports persons we also send a parent to accompany them. This helps our athletes to get crucial international exposure and a taste of top level competition.

OGQ sends the athletes abroad for Training/Coaching under some of the best coaches in the World. Additionally, we also organise training camps in India with World Class coaches to help our sportspersons fine-tune their techniques.

OGQ provides for world class sporting and fitness equipment that help the sportsperson excel at the international stage. In sports like Shooting and Archery where one mm can make a difference between winning and losing, it is imperative that our Shooters and Archers are using the best ammunition and equipment.

OGQ organises the best personnel to help train, coach and accompany the sportspersons. This includes Foreign and Domestic Coaches, World Class Physiotherpists and Personal Trainers, Mental Trainers, Masseurs, Sparring Partners etc.

OGQ’s Medical and Sports Science team provides world class medical, nutrition and physiological support which helps in optimising performance through regular medical and physical assessment, nutritional assistance and mental training In case of an injury, a time bound planned rehabilitation program is put in place. Also where surgery is required it is taken care of by OGQ. We also provide medical insurance to all our athletes.

Lastly, OGQ also provides administrative support to our sportspersons so as to help them focus on their training and competitions.

- Regular Medical assessmentsby OGQ sports science team to all athletes

- World class nutrition support by Dr. Niti Desai ensured M.C. Mary Kom’s smooth transition from 48Kg to 51Kg weight category as the latter is the Olympic weight category.

- Timely surgery and rehab program designed by OGQ Sports Science Team helped Usha Nagisetty to recover fully from her knee injury (Right ACL tear)

- The time bound planned rehabilitation program for Usha resulted in her getting back into the ring 5 months post-surgery, shaving almost 4 weeks from normal recovery time for an elite athlete. This is on par if not better than the best case study anywhere in the world for a similar injury.

- Timely surgeries for boxers Nanao Singh and Manoj Kumar hand injuries by renowned orthopedic hand specialist surgeon Dr. Sudhir Warrier was organized by OGQ